Software keeping staff off the road and out of harm’s way

Move beyond any mobility problem your business, city or council is facing with accurate, high-resolution data for over 2,000 Australian suburbs.

Traffic trends and human movement is continually changing, and this can adversely affect your business and your community. At Intelematics, we assist you in making sense of road safety, traffic management, and land-use issues by providing a comprehensive view of traffic and how it impacts the road network and surrounding communities.

Use Intelematics INSIGHT to solve traffic growth and background trend concerns, analyse increased noise pollution, road closure impacts, land-use assessments and much more.

Intelematics INSIGHT portal

What makes INSIGHT unique?

A comparison of road traffic analysis methods. Which one is right for your project?

Traditional traffic surveying methods

Months for approval, data collection, and analysis

Data requires cleaning and shaping to be of use


Site by site analysis

Staff in harm’s way at busy intersections

Poor accounting for seasonal traffic

Intelematics road and traffic INSIGHTs

Available on-demand, any time, any place

Visualise already formatted traffic trends in seconds

Affordable and scalable

An analysis of all sites, all at once

100% safe alternative – 100% online

All days, months, and seasons at your disposal


Intelematics is unique in that it provides precise data thanks to its millions of traffic sensors. It has unrivalled experience in capturing and providing traffic data through 20 years of investment in research and development. We trust that the data we get from Intelematics is the most up to date and has been obtained adhering to the most stringent privacy and protection guidelines.

What projects do you have in the pipeline?

  • Precinct planning and zoning
  • Evaluating background traffic and noise pollution
  • Planning event and construction road closures
  • Conducting traffic impact assessments
  • Determining new land-use and infrastructure locations
  • Validating community road safety concerns
  • Conducting a pre-and-post project evaluation

The power is in the data

Visualise and analyse high-quality, high-resolution, historical traffic volume, speed and congestion trends for over 2,000 roads in Australia.

We ensure both coverage and quality of our road traffic data. The sources include real-time probes from vehicles on the road, in both commercial and private fleets, node sensors on the roads and at intersections that measure real-time traffic volume and light cycles, and multi-modal movement data from a range of anonymised IoT devices.

The data’s quality is ensured through cross-validation, 24/7 control groups in the field and machine taught algorithms. Find out more about our data sources here.

Comprehensive data capture

Twelve years of mobility data collection from first and third-party sensors across Australia available in 15-minute blocks, 365 days a year.

Cloud infrastructure

Cloud-based infrastructure, securely stores and processes billions of hours of vehicle, traffic, congestion, and incident data.

Customisable dashboards

Easily locate and drill down to your road and intersection of interest to determine traffic trends, road safety concerns, or location scouting.

Traffic Flow

High-quality, high-resolution, historical traffic flow, speed and congestion information for Australia’s main roads in 15-minute increments.

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Traffic Volume

Traffic volume information across Australia’s road networks in both directions and at all arms of an intersection, including turning points.

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To build INSIGHT your way


Useful. Intelligent. Easy-to-use.

Intelematics INSIGHT portal
  • Analyse congestion

  • Analyse speed

  • Analyse volume