Make an informed decision with comprehensive traffic and road-network related data-sets.

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Move beyond any mobility problem your business is facing

Traffic congestion and incidents are on the rise and this can adversly affect your business. At Intelematics, we assist you in making sense of such issues by providing a unique insight into how traffic-related data can be utilised to build solutions and drive informed decisions.

Use Intelematics data to solve complex issues from increased noise pollution and additional wear on roads, to road closure impact, and identifying the most incident prone areas.

Traffic Flow

Access high quality real-time traffic speed and congestion information across all Australian and New Zealand main roads. Use this information to inform construction and city planning projects.

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Traffic Volume

Take the guesswork out of modelling with quantitative vehicle queue information across a suburb and connect the dots between each intersection with multi-directional data and vehicle turning information.

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Traffic Incidents

Would you like to understand how road related incidents affect traffic? We have over 100 types of traffic incidents recognised and recorded along with their impact on traffic flow down to lane level. Use this information to better plan your next project.

Traffic origin and destination

Access data to quantify details of trips between two geographic points, from an origin (O) to a destination (D). Utilise Intelematics OD Data to understand vehicle movement patterns through geographic space.


A comprehensive fuel price generator in Australia, providing regular updates about fuel sites and prices.


Ever wondered how weather impacts traffic flow and congestion? By overlaying weather data with our traffic flow and incidents data, you can create a picture around when to expect traffic congestion based on a real-time forecasts.


Access 1,500 secure parking sites including their operating times, rates and available discounts.

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In it you can view traffic flow speed against speed limit, congestion delays, time (in 15-minute increments), location (suburb, street and long/lat) and date (by day).

Intelematics is unique in that it provides precise data thanks to its millions of traffic sensors. It has unrivalled experience in capturing and providing traffic data through 20 years of investment in research and development. We trust that the data we get from Intelematics is the most up to date and has been obtained adhering to the most stringent privacy and protection guidelines.

Industries benefiting from harmonised Intelematics’ insights

Access real-time and historical data to make informed decisions when mapping your cities and suburbs.

Make your road and infrastructure planning smart and measurable with comprehensive historical and real-time data sets.

Operating in the transport and logistics sector? If you’re moving people or products our data provides comprehensive detail.

Need to better understand road closures, high-incident areas, and traffic speeds for your next event? Our data provides unique insights so you can properly plan.

The power is in the data

Intelematics ensures both coverage and quality of the information. The sources include real-time probes from vehicles on the road, in both commercial and private fleets, node sensors on the roads and at intersections that measure real-time traffic volume and light cycles, and multi-modal movement data from a range of anonymised IoT devices.

The data’s quality is ensured through cross-validation, 24/7 control groups in the field and machine taught algorithms.

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Comprehensive data capture

Twenty years of mobility data collection from first and third-party sensors across Australia and New Zealand updated in real-time.

Cloud storage and processing

Intelematics cloud-based infrastructure securely stores and processes billions of hours of vehicle traffic, congestion, and incident data.

Customised solutions

Easy integration into your systems. Intelematics data is curated and adjusted to fit your needs and works seamlessly with your applications.

Data visualisation portal

Visualise and overlay traffic flow, incident, weather and IoT data. Explore cities and suburbs and learn how Intelematics can provide an informed data-driven solution for your business.

Intelematics traffic data portal