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I’m Carol, and I’m a Financial Controller here at Intelematics.

One of my favourite things about working at Intelematics is the fact that my role is quite varied, and I get to deal with a lot of different individuals within Intelematics. It’s not always just finance-focused, I can have meetings with the product managers or lead architects, discussions about product roadmaps which ties into our budgeting process and for me, it’s really interesting and exciting to be taken along the journey as well.

Life at Intelematics is really exciting. There are lots of changes taking place, and it’s quite fast-paced. Every day seems to be different. I get involved in some conversations about new products that we are developing, potential new markets, so I get to understand our product roadmaps and the new products that we are developing. I enjoy the fact that the finance team are encouraged to learn a lot about our products. We can have some conversations with product managers, and because they are so passionate about the products they are developing, they are always more than happy to explain, maybe in less technical detail what the new things that we are investigating or thinking of developing might be.

Within finance, we are encouraged to understand our product. Our team has attended some AWS cloud-based training so that we are also up to speed with the technologies that we are using here at Intelematics.

When I joined Intelematics, I was really impressed with the range of offerings that we have for our employees. I love the fact that we get free massages once a quarter, so we have a team that comes through, and we all get a 10 minutes massage, and that’s just one example of many small benefits we have here.

We have got an active culture guild as well who organise quarterly events, and it’s just a good opportunity to get out of the office and chat with our peers.

This year I used my annual leave volunteer day to partake in the Oxfam trail walk. It was a great event, and our team felt like we had the support of the entire Intelematics community behind us, both in the lead up to the event through fundraising events and raffles and also the day itself. We received so many messages of encouragement from the entire team. It was a perfect day.

Working here is collaborative, sometimes hard work but very satisfying.