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I am Deepti Revankar, a Senior Developer working for the Cloud and Dev-Ops team. I’ve been working at Intelematics for six years, on diverse projects, which has ensured I never really got bored here, it keeps me going. I also like the flexibility that Intelematics provides me.

I have a toddler who is about a year and a half old, so I like that I can work part-time. I went on maternity leave for about a year and came back working three days a week, and later increased that to four days. I like that I have an excellent work-life balance. It’s a great place to learn, the people are amazing, and Intelematics is very innovative. I would recommend Intelematics to anybody.

The work culture at Intelematics is amazing, people are open and friendly, and there is a lot to learn from everyone. Working here is flexible, it’s a great learning environment, and the people are amazing.